When does your Chimney or Flue need cleaning?

Deciding whether or not you need your chimney or flue cleaning depends mainly on the size, type, how regularly you use the stove in question and the fuel you use for it. If you have a small, clean burning stove which burns seasoned wood then the regularity of having to have your chimney or flue cleaned is reduced. However older models of wood burning stove and larger ones, as well as open fires, will need to be cleaned far more regularly, particularly if they burn unseasoned wood or coal. Of course, the more you use your stove, the more often it will need cleaning.

There is no given time or way to tell whether your chimney or flue needs cleaning however there are ways to tell if it is in need of cleaning. If your fire is not burning as efficiently as usual and/or there is a lot of smoke where there wasn’t before, these could be indications that your chimney/flue needs cleaning. Furthermore, if soot and ash begins to fall down the chimney/flue, this is a certain sign that it will need cleaning immediately.

If you think that your chimney/flue may need cleaning then get in touch with a professional chimney cleaning company and they will assess whether or not the chimney/flue needs a service. However, no matter what type of stove you have or how often you use it, you should get the chimney or flue cleaned at least once a year.