Large Log Burners (9+ kw)

Perfect for kitchens, living rooms or any spacious room in your house, our wide selection of large stoves will provide your home with warmth, comfort and style. Far from simply a source of heat, our stoves make for stunning centrepieces in any room and, with a range of modern and classic styles, there’s a stove to fit any décor in your home.

Simple to maintain, enduring and far less expensive to fuel than gas or electric alternatives, our incredibly efficient large stoves can radiate heat across your home, whether they are log burners or multi-fuel varieties. As well as normal stoves our range also contains cookers and water boilers allowing you to get even more out of your stove and, with a variety of additional options available, you can tailor your stove for your needs.

Heat Traders can provide you with your ideal large stove quickly and with little fuss, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your new stove.