How to remove a radiator

Removing a radiator is not as difficult as it may sound. As long as you follow this step-by-step guide you’ll be able to remove your radiator safely and with as little fuss as possible.

First of all you will need the following pieces of equipment:

  • A bucket and a bowl
  • A radiator key
  • Preferably someone else to help you
  • A few old towels (two or three should be enough)
  • Two adjustable spanners
  • Some old plastic bags

Step One:

Before doing anything, make sure you have turned your central heating off and allowed it to cool down for roughly half an hour. Once cool, you can begin to remove your radiator. Place the towels around the bottom of radiator, ensuring they go right up to the wall and are placed underneath both valve ends of the radiator. Next, tighten the manual valve or turn off the thermostatic valve if you have one of those.

Step Two:

Get the bowl and place it underneath the control valve. Using the radiator key, loosen the bleed valve and, after this is done, get your adjustable spanners and place one on the control valve to stop it moving and use the other to loosen the nut that holds the valve to the radiator.

When the nut loosens, let water escape from the radiator, allowing it to flow into the prepared bowl. If the bowl fills up, tighten the nut and empty it, continuing this process until no more water comes out.   

Step Three:

Next undo the nut on the lock shield valve at the other end of your radiator, using both spanners as you did on the control valve. With both valves taken off, carefully lift the radiator off its supports and away from the wall. If your radiator is quite large you may need someone to help you do this

With radiator away from the wall, carefully tip one end towards an empty bucket allowing any excess water to run out until the radiator is entirely empty. With this is done, make sure to cover the feed-in pipes that were connected to your radiator with tied plastic bags. With the feed-in pipes covered and the radiator safely removed all you need to do is clean up and you’re done.