How to clean a log burner glass door

Cleaning the glass door of a log burner is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is the right equipment and to follow these simple steps to have your log burner looking as good as new.

First of all you will need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Some old plastic bags
  • A few old rags and cloths
  • Plenty of newspaper
  • Two plastic containers (buckets or bowls; one filled with water, the other your chosen cleaning product)
  • Either: a mix of ash and water made into a paste; or a commercially available glass cleaning paste/spray specifically for log burner glass doors.

Step One: Once you have everything ready, the first thing you need to do is light a small fire. This will loosens the soot on the glass door and make it easier to clean. When the fire has been put out, wait for the stove to fully cool before proceeding further.

Lay old newspaper around the fireplace, put on the rubber gloves and ready the paste/spray you are using.

Step Two: When the stove is cool, remove any ash inside the stove and dampen one of the rags to wipe down the stove and the inside of the glass door. If you are using ash paste or a commercially bought paste, use another wet rag to apply this to the inside of the glass door. If you are using a spray, take the stove door off if you can and spray the liquid onto the inside of the glass panel leaving it to soak for a couple of minutes.

Step Three: Whether you have soaked your glass panel in a spray or are applying a paste, begin wiping away the burnt soot on the door, adding more of the product until only murky water obscures the view. Then gather some old newspaper, scrunched up into balls, and begin wiping away the murky water/paste until the glass looks clear.

Step Four: If there are any streaks across the glass left by the cleaning product/ash paste then use a solution of one part vinegar – three parts water to remove these with a clean cloth.
Once you have done this, take a clean, damp cloth and give the inside of the glass a good wipe down until you are happy, using a clean, dry cloth to dry it off and then you’re done. If you really want your glass to shine you can use window cleaner to give it an extra sheen.