Frequently Asked Questions

Use our answers to the most commonly asked questions for your home heating set up.

  • how to bleed a radiator

    How to Bleed a Radiator

  • what is btu

    What is BTU?

  • what radiator valves do I need

    What radiator valves do I need?

  • how to repressurise a boiler

    How does a thermostat work?

  • How to Repressurise Your Boiler

  • Using Your Thermostat Efficiently

  • How to Install a Towel Radiator

  • How to Install a Column Radiator

  • How to Remove a Radiator

  • flexible flue liner

    Installing Flexible Flue Liner

  • Roof flashing for chimneys

    How to install a Chimney Pipe Roof Flashing

  • how does a thermostat work

    How to install a flue through a wall

  • chimneys

    When does your Chimney or Flue need cleaning

  • how to light a woodburning stove

    How to Light a Woodburning Stove

  • How to clean a log burner glass door